Since 2000, Satellite Communication Services operates in Italy as a telecommunications system which is specialized in satellite technologies. The particular needs of the petroleum industry, our target market, require communication systems able to ensure maximum reliability and 24-hour support. Our company’s administrative headquarters are located in San Donato Milanese while our operational headquarters are located in Ravenna. In addition to satellite technologies for which the company has developed, shaped and managed very complex networks, Satellite Communication Services has also specialized in radio links, HiperLan technology networking and broadcasting systems over the years. Our “turn-key” satellite solutions can support a remarkable variety of voice, data, video and multimedia applications for B2B activities (Business-to-Business) in addition to critical environments such as oil and gas explorations or shipbuilding. We are able to develop terrestrial solutions (radio links) as well as satellite solutions using only the most modern technologies developed by leading companies in the market and rely on the best international providers in the case of satellite solutions. The considerable amount of acquired experience, combined with our satellite telecommunications know-how and independence of leading groups in the sector are the added value we provide to our precious customers.


Satellite Communication Services develops shapes and manages telecommunications network systems. Our expertise in integration activities of different technological solutions available on the market together with our flexibility as a typical company with a lean structure is our added value. Our close collaboration with end customers and telecommunications officers allow us to create custom networks and deliver market-leading services. As a particularly active player in the narrow field of satellite telecommunications in shipbuilding (oil and gas, building and naval industry), Satellite Communication Services is developing new projects both in the domestic and international market. All Satellite Communication Services projects carried out reach increasingly higher quality and security standards, which allow us to respond with simplicity, speed and extremely competitive costs to the needs of a market that has become more alert on such issues.


Our teleport is made up of a large system of satellite antennas and dedicated terrestrial connections (with high-speed fibre-optics, radio and Hiperlan links). As the core of all our services, the teleport is the up/down  point of signals transmitted to satellites and the interconnection point between our clients’ remote sites and their main headquarters. Our headquarters’ link redundancy as well as our 24 hour help desk service allow us to provide highest quality and reliability services.


Sat.c.s. is a partner of the most significant satellite operators that enables it to provide territorial coverage and capillarity of its worldwide services.




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