Our assistance and maintenance service covers client owned infastrucutre and is based on three service levels:

- PREVENTATIVE maintenance: regular working site visits to verify the equipment status and functionability to reduce the risk of breakdowns or equipment failures.

- CORRECTIVE maintenance: 24 hour calling – 365 days per year for equipment recover functionality and connections in the case of any malfunctions and technical errors observed within the specified deadlines by S.L.A. We are able to guarantee to ensure our presence on the site by sending one of our technicians within four hours of having been notified of the fault throughout Italy.
- SCHEDULED maintenance: in the case of modifications or agreed requirements for improvements with our clients, scheduled operations are carried out with the aim of modifying the existing system.





In order to promote the best possible conditions for intervention we are able to store possible spare part systems for maintenance inside our storage facility. Asset management and geographical location are assisted by a specific IT system that allows safe access to clients via internet.