Point-to-point connection (SCPC type), easy to use, robust and ideal for connecting management offices with a remote site. Its high reliability, the dedicated satellite bandwidth and the minimum latency of the package is why the service is very suitable for real-time applications such as video-conferencing.



Combined mesh network or star network connection with a single hop step to the Hub. It allows simultaneous information sharing and applications between all the network nodes through a single satellite hop step. This particular versatile network enables to meet the infrastructural needs of the client. The dynamic allocation on bandwith demand and the guaranteed voice service quality through Qos optimizes the use of the satellite bandwith exceeding the bounds of static connection with a dedicated bandwith.



The “Sirio” service that operates in a Ka band, offers a shared bandwidth satellite connectivity with a multipoint type (TDMA protocol) that is able to connect all remote sites in a star type network with a single center (Hub) to which the clients’ management offices are connected. As a purely IP type, the network enables the automatic allocation of the shared satellite bandwidth and the acceleration of the TCP protocol (suitable protocol accelerators are used). This service is ideal for sites that require simple internet connection as well as a telemetry data transmission or voice traffic without real-time application being necessary.




The “maritime” service offers satellite connectivity for vessels, boats, cable-laying vessels, tankers etc. The use of stabilized marine antennas of the largest international producers such as Orbit and Seatel are equipped with auto tracking and avoid the loss of connectivity with the satellite both during navigation and in dock (rolling of the vessel). The offered services can be data, voice and fax for business use but also to access internet for non-business use (for the personnel on board) in addition to television services.




The “machine to machine” service allows monitoring, acquisition and sending data via satellite from wells, pipelines, weather stations etc. The completely new generation use of machine to machine technology allows for the control, data and/or alarm collection and to send real time information to a central server. The utilized equipment are of small size and easy to install and does not require power supply (they are equipped with an internal battery with high durability)