Sat.C.S. - Assistenza Gestione e Monitoraggio-Satellite Communication Services

Assistance e Maintenance

Our assistance and maintenance service is aimed at infrastructure owned by the customer, and is based on three service levels:
  • PREVENTIVE maintenance: periodic site visits to check the status of the equipment and its operation in order to minimise service interruptions and/or breakages.
  • CORRECTIVE maintenance: on call 24/7 365 days/year for the functional recovery of the equipment and connections in case of a reported failure or malfunction, within the terms set by the SLAs. We are able to guarantee the on-site presence of one of our technicians within 4 hours from notification of the failure, anywhere in Italy.
  • Manutenzione SCHEDULED maintenance: In case of changes or improvements requested and agreed with the customer, scheduled interventions are performed with the purpose of modifying the existing system.
On-site Assistance and Maintenance


To ensure the best conditions for an intervention, we are able to keep spare parts for the systems under maintenance in our warehouse.

The management of assets and their geographical location is assisted by a specific IT system that allows secure access to customers via the Internet.

Parts stock management

IOur control centre is equipped with the most modern technology to support our service, operating 24 hours a day with specialised personnel certified by the largest satellite operators in the world.

Our staff is trained to work in an international environment, with calls coming in from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Network Operation Centre