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Radio connectivity

In addition to satellite connectivity solutions, Satellite Communication Services offers terrestrial microwave (microwave link) connectivity solutions implemented using Hiperlan (HIgh PErformance Radio LAN) technology or using Radio bridges for interconnecting points found in conditions of reciprocal optical visibility ideal for IP-type data transmissions, allowing connections with large bandwidth capacities.
  • HIPERLAN Service
IThe Hiperlan (HIgh PErformance Radio LAN) systems work across free radio frequencies, 2.4 GHz, 5.4 GHz and 5.7 GHz, are not subject to ministerial licensing and allow for reaching bandwidth capacities of 30 - 60 - 150 - 300 Mbps.The type of interface provided is Ethernet or E1/T1 Power over Ethernet.
  • MICROWAVE Service
I The Radio Bridge systems work with radio frequencies between 13 - 17 GHz and allow high bandwidth capacities to be reached even over long distances between sites. They are subject to a ministerial license. Sat.C.S. offers a support service to our clients for the preparation of the necessary ministerial documentation.
RADIO Service